Make your own brandy, Vodka, whisky, Gin, mampoer
Distilling equipment built in south Africa

Ketelkraal uses 100% copper in the manufacturing of their moonshine stills. This will ensure you, the home Distiller, the highest quality end result. Copper removes most of the sulfides produced in the distilling process. Make your own Vodka, brandy, whisky, gin, mampoer…

All our stills are tested during and after manufacturing. Giving you a safe master distiller journey. Start the journey now by browsing the ketelkraal selection of copper and stainless steel moonshine stills, and Reflux Columns and other distilling equipment.

Distilling equipment built in south Africa

We also stock home and micro-distilling equipment. and have many recipes that will make your pallet jump for joy. We have all the equipment you might need. So shiner, when you have your next braai, You will have the bragging rights by offering them a dop that was created in the luxury of your own home.

Ketelkraal is passionate about providing top-quality equipment and consumables. If you have any questions regarding our products, don’t hesitate to pop us a mail:

Make your own vodka

Make your own brandy 

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In conclusion Feel free to pop into our store and have a look around.

Because We stock a large range of products for brewing/distilling that can make your brewing/distilling process smoother and add a mountain of flavour to your end result and make your own brandy and make your own whiskey and make your own vodka. 

Because Distilling make your own brandy is always the best

In other words Copper has been used to make stills since ancient times, and as successive generations have found, it remains the best option thanks to its unique properties and natural advantages in the distilling process. For superior results when distilling alcohol, use copper.

Because For a lower cost, more durable and easy to clean alternative use stainless steel. You can add copper mesh to a stainless steel column to remove the sulfates.


1/2″ MPT Diffusion Stone – 0.5 / 2 Microns (out of stock)


1/4′ Stainless Steel plug (Out of stock)


1000ml – Measuring Cylinder (Out of Stock)


100L 4 inch 4 plate Stainless Steel complete


100L 4 inch 4 plate Stainless Steel complete – Spool


100L 4 inch 8 plate Stainless Steel complete


100L 6 inch 4 plate Stainless Steel complete


100L Fermentation Drum


100L Stainless Steel Boiler


100L Storage Drum


100ml – Measuring Cylinder (Out of Stock)

10L Ball Lock Cornelius

10L Ball Lock Cornelius Type Keg

Domed False Bottom

12″ Stainless Steel Domed False Bottom


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