To all our beloved old customer/friends and new customers and friends to be.

Before entering our website, we would like to bring a few things to your attention:

First, we would like to say that we truly wish and pray that each one of Ketelkraal’s customers and friends that you and your family are all good and in good spirits during this unforeseen difficult time.

To try and run a business during these times, is not easy. Therefore, we have decided to bring certain uncertainties and problems we face to your attention.

Things are not normal. If you expect us to act and behave normally (and we don’t think it will be normal for a long time to come) you are most probably at the wrong place. We are working at only half capacity with regards to our staff. The result is that certain aspects of the business will not and cannot operate as normal.

The biggest problem we face is communication. In other words, there is a delay in getting back to you, whether it is on WhatsApp, Email or phone calls. We only have two people on the floor during this time. If they have a customer in front of them, they cannot take your call. They cannot respond to your WhatsApp and cannot open the gate. Many of the vehicles hooting outside, without an appointment, try to get in. The customer in front of them made an appointment and therefore, will enjoy our attention for that time being.

We do realise our shortcomings at this stage and therefore need to change a few things. From now on, until things turn back to normal, we will not and cannot commit to a timeframe.

We realised that the supply chain is not what it’s supposed to be, and we get a lot of flak because of this. Our suppliers, couriers and/or forwarders, struggle to keep up with the demand and therefore their delivery forecast is inaccurate. Sometimes they can tell us to expect delivery the one day, but more than week later it still had not been received.

Sometimes it will take us a few days to respond to Emails, WhatsApps and phone call messages. But we will respond. Rest assured.

We find that some new customers that don’t know us and don’t know how we work, struggle to understand that business is not normal. They go to Facebook and post on Social platforms that they understand things are not normal BUT… There is no BUT here, things are not normal and KLAAR.

To go to Facebook and other Social platforms and try and seek attention will simply add more admin on our shoulders, and the result is less time to attend to our customers’ needs.

We, therefore, ask today, that all our customers, new and old, who expect things to be normal, and expect us to attend to you in a heartbeat (like we use to) not to place an order with us. Please come back after Lockdown. (PLEASE)

If you are one of those that try to resolve matters on Facebook and other social platforms, now is not the time to place an order with us. We are not members of all these groups/pages on Facebook like Moonshiners, Mampoer groups and distilling groups for various reasons. But from time to time we do get some screenshots from our customers of people who don’t know us and who enjoy participating in chats that they don’t have a clue of. People (that we don’t even know) will say negative things about us, and other people will respond. They will say that they are worried to do business with us and that we will run away with their money.

If you are one of those people, we ask you today not to do business with us, not now, not ever. We make friends here, and we love distilling and Brewing ourselves.

Ketelkraal is a rock-solid company with hundreds of thousands of happy customers out there. We are not going to steal anyone’s money. If you have a problem with us and we cannot resolve in a reasonable time, then please, you are welcome to tell the world.

How we work

First to all, to our thousands of customers out there that supported us and still going to support us, who understand that things are not normal, we want to THANK each one of you today. We want to tell you you’re a legend. BAIE BAIE DANKIE AAN JOU ONS GEAGTE FRIEND.

We cannot wait for when this is over to have a cold brew or a drink with you over a real traditional Braai. Sound nice doesn’t it?
We will make it happen. We will start the biggest Moonshiners/Mampoer Craft Beer festival movement this country has ever seen. You can take me on this one. And it’s going to be crazy fun.

Back to how we work.

You except things are not normal and move on to our website.

We cannot receive walk in customers at this stage. This is very frustrating for our customers and for us, we know. But that is what the law, under lockdown regulations, require from us.

Our website is not a true reflection of the stock we have on hand, and therefore we might not have stock of certain items.

You have two options: First contact us and inquire about your order which you like to place. (Remember we can take some time to respond.)
Or place and pay for your order online and wait for us to contact you. By paying you are in the queue and we cannot and will not sell an item to any other customer before yours is allocated for your collection or delivery.

Our courier service is not integrated with our website and therefore we cannot give you a price on checkout.

When you order and pay online, we will contact you once your parcel is ready, and we will make an appointment with you to collect or we can deliver.

We can only give you an estimate on delivery charge at this stage. YOU are welcome to arrange your own courier if you like to do so.

The easiest way to do business with us is to place an order, pay for the order. We will contact you once your order is ready, and you can inform us if you need your parcel to be delivered. We will arrange a courier, at that stage for your account and, off your package goes.

Thanks for your understanding.
We want to beg each one of our customers in the past and new customers that received good service from us to please please please go to Facebook and other social platforms to give us a line. Please tell the attention seekers that you received good service and that you will do business with us again. BIG FAT PLEASE. We really need your support here; people are very quick to give negative comments.

We will have a draw after lockdown. We will throw all the names in a hat, live on Facebook, that support this request after lockdown, and the lucky winner will get a 24L KENTUCKY MOONSHINE STILL. Second draw will receive a voucher to the value of five thousand rand to spend at our store. And third a High five and a cold beer or TEN.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support. We can’t wait to see you all soon.