Reflux Column Stills
Reflux Column Stills

Make your own spirits with Reflux Column Stills. Designed to make high neutral alcohol.
Unlike Pot Stills, the reflux column still makes multiple distillations in one run. Inside the reflux column still is a section called t (piece Picture of t-peice with or without a sight glass. Inside this T-piece there is a copper bubble plate some distillers use many of these t-pieces columns that allow the reflux of liquid to help condense the rising vapour and increase the efficiency of distilling and thus increasing purity.

And so the taller the column and the more reflux liquid, the neutral the alcohol will be.

Reflux stills

like a lot of pot stills assembled together and that’s why it can make multiple distillations in a single run and this is how vodka and rum are distilled and then just diluted to proof safe for human consumption.

reflux column
Reflux column is very popular for the making of good quality spirits

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Ketelkraal consists of a bunch of happy Blokes and chicks, with one common purpose, and that’s to distill our own good quality booze.

And if you want to know more about Distilling, stick around, friend, you are at the right place and whether you in the market for a still, training or maybe just want to check things out, you’re in good hands.

Reflux stills

Copper is the preferred material in the manufacturing of moonshine stills.

Because it will ensure the removal of most of the sulfides produced in the distilling process.

Reflux Stills

And as a member of the Ketelkraal moonshine family, we will guide you in making the best quality spirits.

And start the journey now by browsing the ketelkraal selection of copper and stainless steel moonshine stills, and Reflux Columns HERE

Keep the good stuff DRIPPIN…………

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