Water distiller

Water distiller

Why drink just normal water? Now you can have the 4L Stainless Steel Distiller. In other words the best quality. 


For the best quality water for you. Purist water, because you need it. Get yours today. Above all, your health is more important.  Therefore it is made from the best quality stainless steel for instance. 

This is ideal for home, office, camping etc. 

However, it’s also great for distilling spirits. Above all, we also stock other distilling equipment.  And in addition, we can also assist in recipes if needed. In other words, we can assist you in the whole distilling process, therefore, you can make the best alcohol.


For Home, Hospital, Lab, Office ext.
Easy to operate. No installation required.
4L of the safest and cleanest water.
Durable and lightweight.
Above all the removes water impurities.
The water distiller comes with a water bottle.

Package includes:

4L water Distiller Water bottle. Filter. Bottle cap. Chamber cleaning powder. Discharge cap and instruction manual for the stainless steel distiller. 

Specifications of distiller:

Rated voltage: 220V
Rated frequency: 50HZ
The power rating for water distiller: 750W
Volume: 4L.
The degree of evaporation/H
Over-temperature safe water distiller: 

In conclusion. We also offer other related products. Not only the 4L Water Distillers/dispenser. For instance, copper pot stills. Reflux column stills. Therefore you can make the best spirits because you deserve it. 

In other words, may the shine be with you.

Cheers, Prost, Skal, Gesondheid. 

Feel free to contact us, or pop into our store for any other questions or equipment needs. 

Water distiller stainless steel

Water Distiller


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