Wine Barrel Creations/Craft
Wine Barrel Creations/Craft

French and American Oak Barrel Craft

Barrels are our passion, and we love to work with them. French and American Oak is known for the best oak barrels for ageing wines, Brandies and Whiskies. We stock various sizes from 2 L to 360L. The quality of our Barrels is some of the best on the market, and our quality control is stringent. All our wood are tested and checked before we even build a barrel.

Barrel Craft

We also offer personalized barrel service. We can engrave the barrel or make a branding iron for you. This makes very nice gifts. You can also choose between a brass tap or wood. You can also choose between copper, galvanized, and mild steel hoops. Let us know and we will gladly assist.

We also stock Barrel oak chips for those who want to age only a little bit of spirits. These chips work very well in a glass container with your unaged Whiskey or Brandy. Our oak chips come from old sherry or whisky or brandy barrels. We also toast them with an ancient method that brings out all the flavors and color you expect from oak chips. You can choose between, light, medium and heavy American or French.

Barrel Craft

We also sell loose staves and hoops for your barrels if you need something like that for your pub or Distillery. This makes charming decorative pieces.

For all your barrels, oak chips, American oak, French oak, needs, feel free to contact us if you have any questions

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